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There are two types of new performers that we see. The first type is the person that always has a toe in the water, they get signed up, they log in here and there, they make a couple bucks but never much. The second type dives. The proposition clicks for them and they go for it. The click seems to be, “Oh yeah, I can make money doing this, this isn’t bull shit.” It happens for a lot of people when they get their first payment. The money hitting the bank account seems to appease any lingering concerns and they blast off.

One note on schedule, your work should be allocated the necessary amount of time first. With camming, this means about 30-40 hours per week, every week, on a consistent schedule, with more hours on some days than others. This is pleasantly flexible and gives you all the freedom you need to attend class, drive kids to school, go the grocery store, relax, etc. But if you’re in a situation that has as a lot of other demands for your time (like school or raising kids or in some cases both) you have to be ruthless about your scheduling and establish clear boundaries.

This is not something you should ease into. If you try to, you’ll never know what’s possible. You won’t know your real potential and you’ll underestimate yourself. Go all out for the first month. Then review and see what you think.

You should work 4 hours, every day for your first month of camming. Don’t take any days off. Give it a month.

Don’t pause to question things in this first month. A bad shift here and there is normal. It happens to the best models, regularly. Just keep showing up, every day, and do the work.

Things will change for you over this first month. You’ll get comfortable on cam. You’ll start to meet regular clients. You’ll make money.

If you aren’t working close to 30 hours per week from the beginning, you’re going to be getting less than optimal results. Less than optimal results are lame.

Get on cam every day. Look your best. Talk to as many people as you can. Ask them for private shows. Stop talking to people who don’t ever spend money on you.

We’ll be here to help, we work every day. But there’s no amount of support we can give that will make a successful model out of someone that doesn’t put in the work. ┬áBurn the boats to take the island, it’ll make sense when you stop looking back.

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