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Good Vibes


Your time online will have a certain rhythm full of good and neutral vibes. This is the flow of how things are going. It’s how long you’re in open between shows. It’s how many people are in your room talking. It’s everything you’re doing. You can’t control everything about the rhythm, but you can control what you do.

Good rhythm is when these various things are all lined up. Your room is engaging. You keep landing private shows. The private shows go well. Everything is action packed. This is what you hope happens. You should never logoff when you’re in a good rhythm.

Everything good that happens in your cam career will be a product of having been online with a good rhythm. You’re more attractive when you’re in a good rhythm. Keep in mind that for a lot of really successful models, the majority of their earnings come from just a few (sometimes one) main clients. They all met these clients during good rhythm times. Meeting one client, during one shift with a good rhythm, might add $10,000/year to income, with the only work after meetings simply being spending enjoyable time together on a regular basis. In other cases, it might add $50,000/year. Don’t underestimate how important this is.

It’s impossible to judge customer relationships in advance. You only know how much something matters when you look back at the end of the year. And in almost every successful model’s case, the review in words at year’s end would say, “So and so ended up being a huge factor, I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

When you are new, your rhythm should be a new model rhythm. Eagerness, Enthusiasm, working long days, meeting as many people as you can, mixing it up. You’ll probably have a bit of shyness/awkwardness, that’s natural and normal, and thus part of a good rhythm.

Infrequent logins, not following up with customers, and short shifts = no rhythm. It will just be chaos. The chaos that causes a 50% reduction in hourly rate.

Your placement on the site is determined by your power score. A higher power score yields better placement, more traffic, more money. A lower power score holds you down. You should be very consciously working to get the highest power score possible and when you have it, protect it! Your power score is determined based on your total credits earned for the past 7 days. The webcam model with the highest power score on the site is the model with the highest sales for the past 7 days and they show up at the top of the site. Being in the top 100 power score is pretty solid (and not that hard, most people are lazy). Since the site is on 24 hours a day and only displays the people that are actually online, if you are in the top 100, you’re quite likely to appear near the top of the site (in the top 20-40 positions) as many won’t be online at any given time. During peak hours (8pm-1am EST) this might be less the case.

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