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Your goal is to amass a legion of loyal (demonstrated via spending) fans. You can only do this one by one. If someone comes to your room, takes you private, has an enjoyable time, and wants to see you again, you have a new fan.

Some models make a good living from a few fans. Fans that take a primary role in the model’s life. Fans that require a lot of time and attention. These are the best fans. Having them (whether it is just one, or a few) in many ways prevents you from having a much larger legion of fans. All of your time will be spent with them. This is OK. But when things end with one of these fans, you feel the hurt for a few paychecks. It’s not uncommon at all for 1 or 2 of these fans to account for 50%+ of the earnings for the model. In some cases, we’ve seen months go by where a single fan accounted for 100% of an individual models earnings (this is not uncommon).

Others have a gang of fans, with some regulars, and some randoms. In these cases, no one fan contributes a giant percentage (usually no more than 10%).

We can’t say which is preferable. For some models, it’s nice to have a high amount of spending on a small number of people. Having, in some cases, only one very serious, very real, very long-term relationship can be a lot easier than having to satisfy dozens. But it can also be a lot harder.┬áHaving dozens of loyal fans that will be there for you offers diversification. Things become reliable and predictable with your income, this is nice.

There are pros to both, no cons. And you don’t really get to pick. You do what you do, and fans will do whatever the hell they want. It will end up going however it ends up going.

That’s the biggest thing of webcam modeling. It’s not up to us. We are performers. If what you do excites customers, they will spend money. The world is full of people with more money than they know how to spend that will pay any price you ask if you’ll provide the kind of emotions they want to feel.

Give them the right experience and the money will follow. If that’s the only thing you ever learn from us, that will be enough.

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