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Open vs Private Chat


Let’s look at the specifics of what’s going on when you begin camming and moderating chat.

This is what it’s like to be logged in.

Open Chat

This is your public chatroom. It is where you arrive when you first login. You stay in free chat until someone takes you private. The purpose of free chat is only to get someone to take you private.

100s of users will come through your free chat every hour. You want as many of them to stop and engage with you as possible. And then you want as many of those to spend money on you as possible.

The simplest way to get more people to stop and engage is to be really good looking, and be very well put together on cam. Great camera, great outfit, appealing look, good energy.

Getting people to spend money is where the art and science of camming meet. You should treat your open chat room like a speed dating setting. As quickly as possible you want to start a conversation, figure out whether that person is into you or not, and get them to take you private. The salesmanship is simply getting those that want to take action, to take action. It isn’t getting people to want a private show from you. They will decide on their own within seconds whether they want to go private with you or not. There is almost nothing you can do to change someone from a No to a Yes, but plenty that you can do to change someone from a Yes to a No. And therein lies the art.

While there should be a sense of urgency in open chat, towards private shows, it’s best that you don’t seem rushed, or hasty. You have to excel at being sexy and seductive. When you do, the urgency will be initiated by the client.

A few things not to do in open chat. 

#1. Be Boring. Boringness is the ultimate transgression on cam. Be anything but boring. If you are bored, they will be bored. Do whatever is necessary to remedy that. You are an entertainer. Be world class.

#2. Be Naked. It’s almost never a good idea to get naked in open chat. Or to show any private body parts for tips. Keep open chat PG-13. But like one of those PG-13 movies that are super erotic but without nudity. Then do whatever you want in Private.

#3. Accommodate requests. People will ask you to do tons of different things in open chat. And plenty of them will try to sucker you in with the offer of a private show (after you do this one thing, of course). Don’t believe them. Only accommodate the requests of people who have already paid you or are currently paying you, and then only when you want to. There are a lot of users on the site who seem to make their living by going from room to room and asking models to do all sorts of things. Some amount of models accommodate them, hoping for a private show, and then these users (who never spend any money) attach themselves to that model and keep asking for more. You don’t want anything to do with this dweebs. So just don’t give them what they want. Serious customers, the ones that actually spend money, almost never ask for anything in open chat, and even if they do, would happily go private to get it. The highest spending customers tend to be the type of people who would (quite correctly) consider it rude to ask for any type of performance in open chat. The correct answer to every request is, “take me private.”

Private Chat

When a customer starts a private show, you should generally continue along with whatever vibe was going on in your open chat. This is where the real performance begins. Figure out what their fantasy is, and over deliver on it.

Anything goes in private shows (providing it’s within the network rules) and your goal on someone’s first show should be to delight them so thoroughly that they’ll come rushing back for more. Try to determine what it is that really gets them, and then do that in an incredible way. Just go for it.

There isn’t a script. There is no cookie cutter way to do private shows. The more one tries to script them, the worse they are. A private show is an intimate audience between you and the customer. You simply figure out what they’re after, and give them all that and more.

Don’t focus on the clock. Focus on the customer experience and the clock will keep ticking.

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